JetX game screenshot

JetX: overview, how it works, and tips for winning

If you’re a fan of online casino games, you’ve probably heard of JetX. A revolution in the crash online gaming industry, this game is unlike any other and offers an exceptional experience with huge winning potential. Thousands of players have already tried their luck with varying degrees of success. If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to give it a go. But before you do, it’s important to make sure you have all the chances on your side. For this purpose, we have put together a detailed review of JetX, with all the useful information about the game.

What is JetX?

Released for the very first time on CBet Casino on 24 January 2019, JetX is an online casino game that falls into the crash game category. Developed by the publisher Smartsoft Gaming, it is based on a very simple mechanic that contributes greatly to its success.

game JetX screenshot

In short, the game features a plane (or jet) that takes off at the beginning of each game and gradually gains altitude until it explodes in mid-air each time. Knowing that the higher it goes, the higher the associated winnings multiplier, the aim of the game is for you to get out in time before the plane explodes. If you succeed, you will collect the winnings corresponding to the multiplier of the level you stopped at. If not, you will simply lose your stake.

This mechanism, specific to crash games, is very attractive because it keeps the player in suspense until the end. The suspense is there and each game ends in a totally random way.

How to play JetX?

Knowing how to play crash gambling is important but simple. As we have just explained, you have to guess when the jet (or plane) is going to explode in order to withdraw just before. To play the game, the publisher has developed a fairly easy-to-use interface with several features.

How the game works

In JetX, a new jet takes off almost every 15 seconds, and this, without stopping. This means that you can log into the game interface at any time to try your luck. To do this, you must place an initial bet before take-off using the buttons at the bottom of the interface. Set the amount you wish to wager and confirm before the jet takes off.

All you have to do then is click the ‘Collect’ button at the right time to collect as much money as possible before the plane explodes. Your success in this game, therefore, depends on when you decide to withdraw from the game. If you withdraw too late, you simply lose all the money you have a bet. But if you jump out of the plane too early, you will feel that you have missed out on a great payout, especially if the jet rises very high before it finally explodes.

Another special feature of JetX is that the game can accommodate a multitude of players simultaneously. During the games, you can see the bets made by other players on the right-hand side of the interface. Better still, you can also see when the others leave the plane. This can influence your game. You can either follow the crowd, try to copy the strategies of other players, or stay focused on your game. It’s up to you!